We all love the sun of course!

Today, we parents are SMART about protecting ourselves from the sun and teaching our kids about the importance of sun safety. The sun's UV rays are stronger than ever. Not only can the sun cause a painful sunburn, OUCH, but prolonged unprotected exposure to the sun's UV rays increases the risk of developing skin cancer and melanoma. UV Sungear offers the cutest, coolest, award-winning UV50+ sun protection swimwear, beachwear, sun hats, sunglasses and accessories to help you keep your family safer in the sun. We bring you the best SUN PROTECTION brands and unique, hard to find UV50+ items all in one place to make shopping for sungear quick, SIMPLE and fun!

Hide out all day indoors? Try telling that to a squirmy toddler! And, raise your hand if you enjoy chasing around your kids every few hours to apply and reapply expensive, greasy, gloppy sunscreen and sprays full of chemicals from head to toe... especially on wet or sandy skin. Fun stuff, right? Run scared from the sun? Heck no! Unplugged, outdoor family time is when we make some of our most precious family memories! We can enjoy our time in the sun with greater peace of mind when we take simple steps to cover up. Pop on a UV50+ swim shirt, a sun hat, sunglasses and our thoughtfully selected sunscreen on exposed parts and they're covered! 

I founded UV Sungear in 2005, when there were not many sun protection options readily available to protect my newborn baby son and toddler daughter for an upcoming spring break trip to a sunny destination. I trolled the internet looking for full-coverage baby sunsuits, hats and sunglasses. The few items I did manage to find were mostly out of stock and to be honest, not too cute ;o)  I figured other moms must be looking for the same to protect their kids, and UV Sungear, my third baby, was born. Most of the brands offered at UV Sungear are companies founded by sunsmart, entrepreneurial moms, who were looking to address a need for effective and stylish sun protection options for their kids, or who had faced a personal experience with skin cancer. We moms worked to design and create unique, sun safety items for babies and kids, bring UV protection products to families, and spread awareness of the importance of sun safety.

I am so honored to work with so many successful, innovative companies founded by moms and grateful to our customers who have helped us grow over the years. We have been helping moms and dads protect their kids from the sun for 12 years with high quality, cool, comfortable, quick-dry, UV50+ swimwear. Twelve years...time flies...hold on to your little ones and make those memories in the sun! My hope is that our customers will return to UV Sungear year after year for all their families' sun protection needs. Please don't hesitate to be in touch! I invite you to check out all our UV Sungear and gear up today for fun in the sun!

THANK YOU for choosing UV Sungear!
My best,
Tara Szilagyi
Founder & CEO, UV Sungear